The open educative department aim to protect children living in their family environment and intervene at the request of the administrative and judicial authorities.

The department have a mission to bring help and advice to families as part of educative assistance measures in accordance with the provisions of article 375 of the Civil Code to allows as much as possible to keep the minor (from O to 18 years old) in his family environment.

The OED is funded by the Department de la Moselle.

2 services

The A.A.E.S.E.M.O provide the management, animation and coordination about 2 department on the development of the Moselle.

The association aim to develop all educative, social, materials or legal action for the minors in difficult situation and their families either by a one-time action which manage and participate.


It act in collaboration and in concertation with the government and the local authorities by all means made available to protect, to integrate and reintegrate the minors their families or an another place for help them.

It work in associative partnerships for the Child's Protection and reduce the social exlusion and isolation.


The measure of Criminal Repair Department for the juveniles is governed by the article 12-1 of decree n 0 45-174 on February 1945 on juvenile delinquency.

This measure is an educative and participate, measure pronounced against the minors who committed an offence. It is proposed him to engage a repair process.

This measure have the fees for the act with the decree of the Prefect. The budgetary authority is the Management Departmental of Judicial Protection of Youth in Moselle. The department have 200 measure every year.

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